Sports Funding Grant Information

IMG1771The government believes that the PE and Sport Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to improve the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of pupils, giving them the opportunity to have access to a wide variety of physical opportunities and to develop a healthy lifestyle.

As a school, St Paul’s CE Primary has prioritised the use of the PE and Sport Premium to address the following issues:

  • To enable PE and sport participation for ALL pupils.

  • To give pupils access to specialised coaches.

  • To improve pupils’ lifestyles.

  • To support the CPD of staff through participation in specialist lesson ensuring sustainable improvement in PE moving forward.


The grant allocations for sports funding we have recieved are shown in the table below.


Year Allocation
2013/14  £8870
2014/15 £8845
2015/16  £8870
2016/17 £8870
2017/18 £8866


We supported the following projects to fund form our sports funding allocation in the 2016/17 Academic Year




Keep Active

Consistent delivery of quality PE curriculum through the use of specialist coaches.

North East Dance

Consistent delivery of quality PE curriculum through the use of specialist coaches.

SAFC “Little Dribblers”

Delivery of football training during curriculum time for Reception class.

Hire of Swimming Pool

Extra 15 weeks beyond ASA requirements.

Subsidy for Transport to Swimming

Extra 15 weeks beyond ASA requirements.


To Football, Skipping, Hockey, Netball, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Swimming Competition venues.

Purchase and maintenance of playground ports and play equipment

To keep equipment up to date and safe.

Skipping School

Training and entry to festival.

Presentation Medals and Certificates

To present to members of all sports teams at end of academic year.

Gymnastics Coaching

Consistent delivery of quality PE curriculum through the use of specialist coaches

Subsidy for After School Sport/PE Clubs

To ensure that no pupils lose out on experience of sport after school

Competition Entry and Referee Charges

Affiliation fees for SPSFA, entry fees for netball and football competitions plus referee costs.




  • Enhanced provision of PE Curriculum for existing and future pupils due to extensive staff CPD.

  • Gold award achieved in Sainsbury’s School Games.

  • Liaison with Farringdon Sports College to train sports leaders in school.

  • Sunderland Schools Charter Award – Gold.

  • Change for Life club ran by young sports leaders.

  • School given the John Muir award for an activity-focused outdoor project.

  • A sponsored in-school fitness circuit led by Olympian Chris Tomlinson that enabled us to purchase supplementary sports equipment.

April 2017-March 2018 – Grant funding allocated: £8,866

At this point we have made the prudent assumption that funding in the 2017/18 financial year will be no higher than that in 2016/17, though the Government has signalled that it could increase significantly as the proceeds of the “Sugar Tax” are used to increase funding levels. If and when we are notified of an increase in funding we will review our provision. However, in the meantime we are fully committed to continuing to build systems to ensure that any additional funding will impact on children in school. A significant portion of the funding will continue to be used to help transport children and teachers to such as tournaments and cluster events held at other schools.

Future plans include:

  • Continuing with the Sainsbury’s School Games and further developing the role of the sports leaders in school.

  • Continuing to employ specialist sports and P.E. coaches to work alongside teachers

Striving to offer more and more opportunities for children to experience different types of sport both in and outside of school

The money will increase sports provision across school and will be spent on,

  • Linking with Sunderland Sports Consortium to provide specialist tuition and professional development for staff. [All classes will have one PE lesson each week taught by a professional coach to ensure high standards] 
  • Supplements for swimming for KS2 children.

Sports funding from previous academic year has impacted on standards in PE across the school and on teacher's professional development.