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  1. England play their final group match against Belgium, but which star player should England be worried about?
  2. A group of school children have had enough of adults smoking near school gates, so they decided to do something about it.
  3. VAR (video assistant referee) technology has been debated for a long time in football. Now, it's being talked about again after being used in the World Cup for the first time.
  4. Here's a clue - she's pretty famous!
  5. The wildlife expert says he's been wowed by how much people are doing to tackle plastic in the oceans. He's also part of a new BBC campaign to help people deal with plastic waste.
  6. Hairy, bald, big and small...these canines have been competing to be crowned the World's Ugliest Dog!
  7. Over 1200 children from schools across Dusseldorf got together to try and set a new world record.
  8. A lot of starfish died during the outbreak of a disease but experts think they've changed to survive.
  9. Centrepoint, the charity for homeless young people, says the number of children calling their helpline has risen by 20% this year.
  10. Ella and her mum have been paddleboarding near where they live so they can help remove plastic from the water there.
  11. It's going to be hot and sunny all over the UK this week. Here's why!
  12. While he's not quite as glamorous as one of the Transformers, he's got a certain retro charm about him.
  13. Ahead of England's World Cup match against Panama, watch Newsround try to get a wave from captain Harry Kane.
  14. This week's Big Question explains how butterflies get their patterns.
  15. England thrashed Panama 6-1 in one of their best ever World Cup performances. You told us what you made of it.