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  1. For the first time, Declan Donnelly will host a show without Ant McPartlin
  2. The simplest guide you'll see to what's going on at Cambridge Analytica
  3. We test Paralympic superstar skiers Menna Fitzpatrick and her guide Jen Kehoe on how well they know each other.
  4. This huge jet of water burst from a road in California - and flew higher than some buildings!
  5. Dan's a striker and DJ's a goalie. They both play in City in the Community - a club run by Manchester City for players with Down's Syndrome.
  6. He's attempting to swim the 50 metre freestyle in the fastest ever time for people of his age category.
  7. He doesn't walk like a normal gorilla - but on his hind legs, like a human! Check out the video.
  8. Wrestling legend Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in-ring action almost three years after his final match.
  9. Have a go at Newsround's very own recycling game show! Do you know where to put your rubbish?
  10. On International Day of Happiness, we've been asking what makes you happy. Here's what some of you had to say...
  11. Sudan, the world's last surviving male northern white rhino has died. There are now only two females left in the world.
  12. It's the first day of Spring! But why are nights and days different lengths during the year? Find out why equinoxes, solstices and the equilux are key dates in the year.
  13. The TV show has been cancelled.
  14. They've been together for six years, but the group are now calling it quits. So why are the girls (Miss) movin' on?
  15. One of the most important world leaders has won another election. It means Vladimir Putin will be in charge of Russia for another six years.