Spring Term 1

Here we are half way through year one already! With parents consultations being next month, you will be able to see the progress your child has made so far. Many thanks for your support with homework. You are very inventive! The models of inventions look great on our display. If only the make money from paper machine and the tidy up machines really worked!

Our current focus within British Values is democracy. Each day the children can vote for a book to be read at story time. Also we recently voted for a class representative 'junior travel ambassador' to encourage active journeys to school as part of a whole school focus. Well done to Ruby for winning the vote.

In English, we have been focusing on improving sentences. We have practised using adjectives and writing similes. We use words like and, because, then to extend sentences. We have written character and setting descriptions to improve story writing and have written poems.

In maths, we have been working with numbers to 20, partitioning into tens and ones and finding methods to add numbers to 20. While the children can't instantly see that 8+7 is 15, if they make a ten, therefore showing 10 and 5, they instantly see 15.

Thanks for your support with our community link activity before half term. We have some great items to send up to the St. Paul's Church Charity Shop.



We are having a fabulous time in Year One! The children have settled really well and are working hard. We have two delightful new class members: we are lucky to have them here as part of the St. Paul's family. 
In the first week, children thought of their own class rules and had fun acting to demonstrate them for photographs for our British Values display.   
In English, we have been focusing on using adjectives to improve sentences as they tell us what something is like. We have written some super sentences about the witch in Hansel and Gretel, "The witch has red and spotty hair and green eyeballs." 
Our maths scheme, Inspire Maths, is fun too! We go to our second classroom for this every day and do lots of practical work with our 'maths buddies' then do practise books on our own to show what we have learned. The homework will be helping with your child's deeper understanding of the work we are doing at school.  
We had a lovely walk to St. Paul's Church recently, the children were good as gold! Father David told us and showed us lots of important things about Church and Christian beliefs.
            Weekly music lessons with Mrs Boyd have become popular already and a lovely start has been made with Spanish lessons with Mrs Seccombe.