Transition Fortnight

We have had a lovely time with our new class this last two weeks. We are so looking forward to having them in September.
We have focussed on our class enterprise making something to sell on Carnival day:
We decided to decorate pencil boxes with paint and stickers.
We worked out their cost each so that we would sell them for a profit.
We did some maths about sharing stickers between boxes.
We made an instruction sheet for how to decorate the boxes.
We took on different roles in our ‘factory’:
- painting the boxes
- decorating the boxes
- checking the boxes for missed paint or upside down stickers.
We also wrote about what we are looking forward to about year one.
We had a ‘Literacy Shed’ theme day where we watched a video clip called ‘Bigger than Alexander’ and based all our activities on it:
-writing adjectives to describe Alexander and writing sentences about what happened in the story
- doing maths about things that are bigger and smaller than Alexander
- thinking about why Alexander was so special to his classmates and drawing people who we find lovely and writing why.
We have some lovely work ready for displays in our classroom in September to welcome the children into Year One. We are sure we will have a fabulous year together! See you in September!