Spring Term 2

We’ve had a busy term in Year 3. After Christmas, we completed our “Keep Calm and Carry On” World War II topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic and produced some fantastic work, including a brilliant non-chronological report on World War II, a character description on Winston Churchill, reports and diary entries during our ‘Ryhope’ break-out week.

After February half-term, we completed our “Myths and Legends” topic. As part of this, we had a specialist artist who came in to school every Friday afternoon to complete a project, which will be displayed in school. Keep your eyes peeled!

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Greek myths and legends and completed independent research about them including Hercules, Zeus and Poseidon, which enabled them to produce some fantastic work in their books.

A special event happened in school where we had the chance to meet former British long jump record holder Chris Tomlinson, who is famous for competing at the Olympics in 2004, 2008 and 2012. We participated in a whole school sponsored sports event in which we completed different activities. The children had a great time and enjoyed keeping fit and after the event we had the chance to have a “Question and Answer” session as a whole school and enjoyed asking lots of questions about him and his life.

We’ve continued to have a focus on our community links and British values this term and had the opportunity to visit the brand new library in town. The children completed activities including wordsearches and finding their favourite books and were able to sign up to the library service and take a book home.

We also visited Campground Waste and Recycling Centre in Gateshead and learned all about reducing, reusing and recycling our waste into something new. We got the chance to make our own sheets of paper from mulched up newspaper. We are definitely going to make more of an effort to recycle at home and reuse our waste in school. Did you know that a fleece jacket can be made from 25 plastic bottles?

Additionally as a class to contribute to our British Values and community links we collected toys, clothes, books and games for those not as fortunate as us and donated these to St. Paul’s charity shop in Ryhope to help their charity. As a whole school, we also took part in Comic Relief Day by coming dressed in red and paying a donation, which we