Transition Fortnight

During the transition into Year 6, the Year 5 class demonstrated fantastic entrepreneurial skills when challenged to design and create a product to sell on carnival day. The children voted to sell ‘Mama’s Marshmallows’ (giant marshmallows covered in chocolate and a range of delicious sweet toppings) and sketched 3D designs as part of their preparation. Throughout the two weeks, the children worked as a team to determine how many marshmallows had to be sold and at what price, in order to make a profit. The final stage of enterprise week was to make and sell their chosen product. Year 5 set up a seamless production line to assemble and package the marshmallows, before selling out in the first hour of carnival day. A real success for Year 5!

Spring Term 2

We have had a very busy half term in Year 6 on the run up to Easter.

Throughout the term, the children have been reading the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar and used this to inspire their writing. The children have worked hard in preparation for the SATs next half term and we are extremely happy with their progress in all areas of maths, reading and SPAG.

Throughout the term, we looked at parliament, as part of our Great British Values focus. We hired a parliament box and dressed up as MP’s in robes and wigs, before researching the key items and aspects of parliament.

The class have continued to work closely with Hopewood Park this term, as they re-visited the bulbs they planted in November at St. Paul’s Church. During the afternoon, the children worked with the residents to complete a variety of labyrinth activities, before tucking into juice and biscuits in the church. The bulbs the children planted were flourishing and looked beautiful in the March sun!

Year 6 were also lucky to visit the Mayer’s parlour before his term ends and watched the ‘Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’ at the Sunderland Empire, to end the term.

Autumn Term

In Year 6, we began the school year focusing on the development of parliament, as part of our British Values week. We researched the roles of King John and Simon De Montfort to determine who had the greatest impact on the development of parliament. Using our knowledge of parliament, we explored a variety of charities and debated which charity to support. As a class, we made a unanimous decision to support SCOPE. 
We have delved into the world of horror through the narrative Alma. Using the animation as inspiration, we continued the story in our writing and re-enacted the story using iMovie. 
As a class, we participated in an exciting bulb planting event at St. Paul’s Church to support the recovery of residents of Hopewood Park. Throughout the afternoon, we worked with members of the community to plant a garden of daffodils. We are looking forward to re-visiting the garden at Easter. 

Spring Term 1

In Year 6 this half term, we have read Dracula written by Bram Stoker and we used the novel to inspire our writing. We wrote a flashback of Jonathan Harker’s life before he entered Dracula’s Castle, a non-chronological report about vampires and an explanation text about Transylvania. Using our knowledge of Dracula, we designed and created our very own 3D Dracula’s Castles.

Throughout this half term, we enjoyed a two week musical break out where we completed work based on Bugsy Malone. We were captivated by the famous gangsters of the era, art deco and the music itself!