Spring Term 1

In year 5 we have been learning about our new topic ‘Death, Disease and Disaster.’ We began the topic by learning all about the plague, symptoms of the plague and how the plague spread so rapidly. Did you know, if you had the plague, the plague doctors locked you up in a house and painted a red cross on the door as a sign that people inside the house were infected?

We then moved on from the plague and learnt all about the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire of London actually helped stop the plague from spreading as it killed the majority of the rat population.

We wrote an information text all about the plague, a diary entry, as though we were a citizen of a plague ridden town, We became newspaper reporters and reported the terrible events of the fire. Finally, we became authors; we wrote our own chaptered narrative using the Great Fire of London as our setting.

To end the fabulous half term we have been learning all about the musical Wicked during our fortnightly break out. Wicked came before the film The Wizard of Oz and many of the characters are the same. We have written our own story, using the script from the musical as inspiration. We have created a character profile for the characters and discussed how everyone may look different on the outside, but on the inside, we are all the same. We understand how what we say can be hurtful to somebody and that we need to take responsibility for our actions.