Spring Term 2

During Spring term year 5 have delved into the Wizarding World of Hogwarts in the topic of ‘Read around the World’. We became reports have reported on the attack of the green, mountainous troll in the girl’s bathroom as well as writing our first flashback to when Harry’s parents were killed by ‘you know who’. We have written excellent character descriptions and setting descriptions of the wonderful school as well as creating our own haiku poems.

We are so lucky,
We survived the attack of
Terrorising trolls.
- Kian Hunter

We have saved the school,
From the dark Lord Voldermort,
It is safe again
- Maddison Robinson

We visited the residents at the Old Vicarage Residential home and had a great afternoon reading stories to them. We hope we put a smile on their faces.
We dressed in red for Red Nose Day and we raised money for Comic Relief. We discussed about charity work and how this links with our British Values.