Transition Fortnight

During transition fortnight, Year 4 worked as part of a class production line for our Summer Carnival. The class thought of products they would like to make and then worked in small groups to pitch their idea to the rest of the class. The class then voted for which product they would like to make and sell through a secret ballot, linking to our British Values theme of democracy. They class have worked hard at designing their product, applying for the job they would like, making the product and preparing it to sell. We linked our mathematic knowledge to the theme of enterprise where we discussed profit and loss. From this, the class decided on the price that the magnets would be sold for, ensuring that we made profit.

The class also participated in a break out day, where we watched a short movie about Bibo, who is a robot. The class participated in a number of activities writing a recount of the movie, an explanation of how robots work, a prequel of how Bibo ended up alone and they designed their own robot, writing a short biography.

Year 4 have had a fantastic two weeks transition and I am sure they will have a great holiday and come back to school refreshed and ready to go!